Rising Voices Seva Safari

Africa Yoga Project is excited to announce our “Rising Voices” Seva Safari.
This 10-day journey to Kenya offers personal growth, opening the hearts and minds of participants while creating a sustainable impact on our local community in the process.

Rising Voices Seva Safari will be hosted by Ashley Spence and Gioconda Parker of Wanderlust Yoga Austin and Dan Nevins.

Join us for a journey to empower yourself to raise your voice, speak your truth and find your tribe. Our community will begin long before we land in Africa, as a Seva Safari begins with Seva.

We’ll work as a team not only to raise the funds we commit to raise, but also to form a connection that will carry us across the globe!

Once there, our family will join forces with the AYP family to create a team. Together we’ll venture into Nairobi and in neighboring villages to invite people everywhere to speak their truth and share their experience.

We come together to listen, to learn, to heal and to grow. We come together to laugh, to sing, to dance, to shout. We come together to celebrate life as it is, wherever we are in the world.


Join us on this journey…

July 18 – 27, 2019

What is the cost of a Seva Safari?
USD 1,750 program fee for all participants
USD 4,000 fundraising for participants 18 and older
USD 2,000 fundraising participants 17 and under

Can’t make the trip, but want to make a contribution??


Aside from our retreat and travel fees, each participant and retreat leader has committed to raise $4,000 to support the ongoing work of the Africa Yoga Project, and our team needs your help!  

We are moving full steam into the fundraising phase of our journey to Kenya, and we want you to join us! We hope that many of you will feel called to commit to coming with us—and to maximize your opportunities for fundraising support,  now  is the time to make your deposit and register. If you have already joined us, we are SO glad! If you are unable to make the trip with us this summer, you can still be of great help! 

Partnership with UBUNTU Life

Ubuntu Life is an Austin based company with an amazing story, and we are partnering with them both for our fundraising efforts and on location in Kenya, to visit their project and meet the people who create their products and inspire their work. We’ll begin with selling their hand-beaded bracelets as a fundraising opportunity. 

Buy a bracelet to show your support for $33 at either Wanderlust Studio!

“Random Acts of Kindness” 21 Day Challenge

We are creating a 21 Day “Random Acts of Kindness” challenge as an opportunity for people to support the Seva Safari AND create ripples of kindness in the world. Registration fees go to support our efforts to raise money and awareness—the more people who participate, the bigger the movement. Let’s create waves of kindness around the world!

Online Silent Auction

This is an opportunity for “all hands on deck” as we ask for donations for our silent auction. Businesses and individuals are invited to donate whatever products or services they can for our silent auction. 

Community Donation Yoga Classes sponsored by Wanderlust

Stay tuned for a series of donation based classes to raise money and awareness about the Africa Yoga Project, Rising Voices and our Seva Safari. 100% of the class and workshop profits will be donated to support the trip!

Better Unite Fundraising Platform

The Better Unite Fundraising platform makes creating a page and raising money the most simple thing to do! You can also get others who are willing to help you to either send people to your page, or create a page of their own to tell their own story and reasons for helping you raise money for AYP and the Seva Safari. If you visit the site , you’ll see how user friendly and inviting it is!

Seeking Corporate Sponsors

We are looking for corporate sponsors who believe in what we are doing and want to help us reach our goals—and are happy to follow up on any leads or suggestions you or your contacts might have! Reach out to aspence@wanderlustyoga.com with any connections or ideas and we’ll add them to our leads.

Hosted By

Ashley Spence

Dan Nevins

Gioconda Parker